Pharma in silica ‘s Precise Nanomedicine

Pharma in silica

Pharma in silica

The current oncology arsenal comprises:

  • ubiquitous cytotoxic drugs, poorly-tolerated and often inefficacious
  • “miracle cancer drugs”, beneficial to a minority of patients, hugely expensive, with dire side effects.

Pharma in silica engineers therapeutic value + cost-effectiveness into OpPacli™, a novel paclitaxel-carrying nanomedicine made of an avant-garde material, silica.

The initial purpose of the preclinical-stage company is to treat advanced cases of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) and other solid tumours.


The OpKemo Potentiates Known Cancer Remedies

Pharma In Silica

The novel silica-based nanocarrier OpKemo™ promises enhanced therapeutic value for the treatment of most solid tumours without a dramatic increase in costs, hence ensuring a wide market access potential.

The versatility of silica’s chemistry is likely to grant OpKemo™ drug distinctive advantages over established nanomedicines such as liposomes and protein-linked drugs.

A silica sphere can be engineered for single or multiple-drug administration, optimal nano or micro size, simple and safe formulation, leakage-free and long-duration circulation, high-tumour selectivity and environment-triggered, tuneable release. Each vehicle is designed to suit the drug cargo and the cancer it treats. The resulting solution is scalable under GMP, cost-effective and patentable.

Pharma in silica currently develops safer versions of off-patent cytotoxic agents such as paclitaxel. Other development opportunities will be pursued via out-licensing, partnering and project-specific financing.


OpKemo™ Carrier

Our hypothesis: solvent-free injection, extended leakless in-blood transport and preferred tumour delivery will enable favorable therapeutic indexes for cytotoxic agents.

Optimized for safety
(solvent-free, low exposure dosage)
and efficacy
(long circulation before clearance, tumor specificity and release)

CMC-capability and Broad Market Access


Pharma in silica


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Francois Arcand, Pharma in silica's president
Francois Arcand, Pharma in silica's president