Pharma in silica

Pharma in silica, a private preclinical-stage private company, develops broad-spectrum safe treatments for solid tumors by associating generic cytotoxic drugs and a proprietary, silica-based nanocarrier called OpKemo™.

A first potential treatment, OpPacli™, aims at Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC), the most lethal of lung cancers, is being developed in Pharma in silica’s own secure laboratory, to be manufactured in-house and eventually commercialized circa 2025.  The market will range from 125 M USD to 1,2 B USD over the first seven years, based on a 5% to 35% substitution of current paclitaxel sales in North America and Europe.

At Pharma in silica, we believe cancer patients worldwide need broad spectrum treatments at affordable prices, as global budget constraints limit the availability of expensive therapies.

Pharma in silica

The OpKemo drug carrier

Pharma In Silica

The novel silica-based nanocarrier OpKemo™ promises enhanced therapeutic value for the treatment of most solid tumours without a dramatic increase in costs, hence ensuring a wide market access potential.

The versatility of silica’s chemistry is likely to grant OpKemo™ drug distinctive advantages over established nanomedicines such as liposomes and protein-linked drugs.

A silica sphere can be engineered for single or multiple-drug administration, optimal nano or micro size, simple and safe formulation, leakage-free and long-duration circulation, high-tumour selectivity and environment-triggered, tuneable release. Each vehicle is designed to suit the drug cargo and the cancer it treats. The resulting solution is scalable under GMP, cost-effective and patentable.

Pharma in silica currently develops safer versions of off-patent cytotoxic agents such as paclitaxel. Other development opportunities will be pursued via out-licensing, partnering and project-specific financing.


OpKemo™ Carrier

Optimized for safety
(solvent-free, low exposure dosage)
and efficacy
(long circulation before clearance, tumor specificity and release)

CMC-capability and Broad Market Access


Pharma in silica


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Francois Arcand, Pharma in silica's president
Francois Arcand, Pharma in silica's president