Pharma in silica's mission is to improve the cancer patient outcomes with high-innocuity chemotherapy solutions. The preclinical-stage, Québec City-based, nimble and intangible-asset company intends to raise 2 M$ in early 2019 in order to file an IND by the end of 2020.

in silica™ is a proprietary transport and liberation technology. Its functionalized and porous silica spheres provide distinctive advantages over established nanomedicine technologies (clean formulation, reduced exposure, improved on-target rate, efficient TME and in-tumour liberation).

Pharma in silica

The in silica drug carrier


A silica nano/microsphere sequesters a drug cargo in its porous network for the purposes of safe in vivo transport, passive targeting and environment-triggered liberation.

A silica sphere can be engineered for single or multiple-drug administration, optimal nano or micro size, simple and safe formulation, leakage-free and long-duration circulation, high-tumour selectivity and environment-triggered, tuneable release. Each vehicle is designed to suit the drug cargo and the cancer it treats. The resulting solution is scalable under GMP, cost-effective and patentable.

The versatility of silica’s chemistry grants the in silica™ drug carrier distinctive advantages over established nanomedicines such as liposomes and protein-linked drugs.  The proprietary in silica™ technology promises to enable clean formulations, reduce the patient’s exposure to cytotoxic agents, allow for combination-medicines, multiply the proportion of drug reaching the tumours and ensure an efficient liberation near to and in-tumour.

Pharma in silica currently develops safer versions of off-patent chemotherapy agents such as paclitaxel and docetaxel for NSCLC and 5-FU for NMSC. Other development opportunities will be pursued via out-licensing, partnering and project-specific grant or equity financing.

A novel and proprietary drug carrier

  • Sophisticated chemistry.
  • Clean synthesis.
  • Scalable.
  • Cost-effective.
  • GLP/GMP compatible.
  • Proprietary.
in silica microsphere

Superior to the current nanocarrier and nanodelivery offering.

The Québec City start-up leverages the chemistry RD, QC/QA and manufacturing capabilities of SiliCycle inc., a world-class developer of purification and chromatography solutions, and benefits from a rich network of collaborators and the management of François Arcand, MBA, a well-traveled start-up specialist.

Francois Arcand, Pharma in silica's manager
Francois Arcand, Pharma in silica's manager


François Arcand, MBA


Tel. (+1) 418.874.0054 #233